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5 Must-Have Mobile Accessories at Your Store

5 Must-Have Mobile Accessories at Your Store

5 Must-Have Mobile Accessories at Your Store

As a retail store owner selling mobile accessories in Pakistan, the most important thing is to satisfy all your customers. You can enhance customer satisfaction by keeping all their required phone accessories at your store that are of high quality. If a customer walks into your store and does not get his desired product, his satisfaction levels drop, and he may not visit your shop the next time. This way, you may end up losing your regular customer just for not having his required item. All you need to do is keep high-grade phone accessories available at all times at your retail store for an enhanced customer experience.

Shop the Premium Mobile Accessories from the Saddar App

The Saddar app is the best supplier of mobile accessories in Pakistan. The Saddar app provides you guaranteed products to sell to your customers without the fear of low quality. Whether it’s a cable, charger, handsfree, or any other product, you can buy an extensive range of functional smartphone accessories by placing your orders on the Saddar app.

Here we have compiled a brief description of must-have phone accessories at your retail mobile accessories shop to satisfy your customers and generate more profits:


Chargers are one of the most important phone accessories. As the majority of residents of Pakistan belong to the middle class, they prefer purchasing chargers for their phones. From local to branded chargers, the Saddar app features a vast collection of functional chargers for all phones. Whether your customer owns an iPhone or Android, the Saddar app provides you with all kinds of phone chargers at highly affordable rates. You can get a 2 pin adapter charger, a 3 pin adapter charger, or chargers specialized for specific phone brands (Infinix, Vivo, and Samsung chargers in Pakistan). From the Saddar app.


Handsfree is another essential mobile accessory used by the majority of people. From gym-going people and athletes to students and the common man, handsfree is something people use to listen to their favorite songs and podcasts while traveling or exercising. Keeping a variety of handsfree at your shop can help you attract more customers and enhance their satisfaction. The Saddar app lets you stock your shop with high-quality handsfree in Pakistan. From Gionee handsfree to Samsung, Oppo, and Realme handsfree, the Saddar app offers you the opportunity to restock your store with the best mobile accessories in Pakistan.


Customers come to purchase cables as the cables serve the function of connecting cell phones with other devices like laptops. In addition, people purchase cables to form a charger using their previous adapters. As a retailer, you must keep good-quality cables on hand to serve your customers with their desired ones. The Saddar app helps you get your hands on the finest cables in Pakistan, from local to branded ones, at highly reasonable prices.


Many people face the issue of battery swelling and come to your store in order to get their phone batteries changed. Providing them with high-grade batteries can help you keep more customers devoted to you. The Saddar app enables you to do so. You can purchase the best batteries in Pakistan from the Saddar app at wholesale rates to give a boost to your sales and make more profits.

Power Banks

Power banks have become an important phone accessory, especially due to load shedding. People purchase their required power banks and keep them charged to charge their phones when electricity is not available or the socket is out of reach, like when traveling. Keeping high-grade power banks at your retail shop can help you fulfill your customers’ satisfaction, as most retailers do not keep power banks at their stores. The Saddar app helps you get local and branded power banks at highly affordable rates. You can stock your shop with premium power banks by placing your order on the Saddar app.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Saddar app is the best B2B platform to stock mobile accessories in Pakistan. You can get top smartphone accessories from the Saddar app without fear of getting scammed. Unlike other online platforms, the Saddar app offers an easy return and exchange policy. If you get a defective product by ordering from the Saddar app, you can claim an exchange. The team will immediately replace the defective one with a functional one. All you have to do is make a video while unboxing the parcel.

The Saddar app is accessible to all retail store owners to get all their stock. You can get premium mobile accessories online within 72 hours of placing your order on the app. You can use the Saddar app on your devices or the web version of the app on the desktop of your retail store without any charges.

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